Wouter swierstra thesis

Robbert Krebbers - Formalization of C: What we have learned and beyond Abstracts Xavier Leroy, Inria Paris-Rocquencourt download slides The ongoing Verasco project aims at developing and verifying in Coq a static analyzer for the CompCert subset of the C language minus recursion and dynamic allocation. The goal of the analyzer is to establish the absence of run-time errors e.

Wouter swierstra thesis

Data Type a la Carte. Functional Pearl, accepted to Journal of functional programming.

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Presents the best solution to the Expression Problem that I've seen in Haskell well, Haskell with -fglasgow-exts. There is one unfortunate feature.

The instances of the injection function for subtypes are assymmetric: Is there a symmetric solution in Haskell? I've posted a solution to your question here posted by Ryan Ingram: Regarding the question on your blog about "Data types a la carte": As a result, writing a backtracking search on the type-level becomes a bit tricky.

I just saw an e-mail from Ryan Ingram on haskell-cafe that presents one solution. There is a real penalty for this asymmetry, by the way. With the asymmetric definition in the paper, you can't group together certain signatures and combine these pieces into even larger signatures.


Div is fine, but: I'm including the code that solves the problem as described, although not in a nice way. On the bright side, no overlapping instances are required. How big the drawback of the solution is depends on the exactly problem: It is possible to greatly improve the solution; for example, our HList paper described how to define the total order on types including type constructors.

We can also use the TypeEq predicates to compare any two types; alas that does require overlapping instances. Again, given more details I can improve the solution.

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The present solution, given all its obvious drawbacks, has one advantage: Hopefully it shows the underlying ideas.nately, no one ever says that about your thesis document: A long time ago (I was so little that I don’t even remember this story, except from being told about it), Dad brought home an Apple II from school.

Pedro Magalhães, Sean Leather, Andres Löh, Wouter Swierstra, Stefan Holdermans, Arie Middelkoop, Jurriaan Hage, Alexey Rodriguez Yakushev, and all the other colleagues for the really nice time I .

It was supervised by Wouter Swierstra, and i worked together with João Paulo Pizani Flor.

Wouter swierstra thesis

A scan (also known as a parallel prefix sum) takes a sequence of inputs 𝑥1, 𝑥2, , 𝑥𝑛 and produces the outputs 𝑥1, (𝑥1 ⊕ 𝑥2), , (𝑥1 ⊕ 𝑥2 ⊕ ⊕ 𝑥𝑛), where ⊕ is some binary associative operator. Wouter Swierstra February Thesis submitted to the University of Nottingham for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Andreas Abel. A Polymorphic Lambda-Calculus with Sized Higher-Order Types. PhD thesis, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, A modern back-end for a dependently typed language MSc Thesis (Afstudeerscriptie) written by Remi urkT (born January 11, in Rotterdam) under the supervision of .

Wouter swierstra thesis
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