Use of regression analysis in research

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Use of regression analysis in research

However, these metrics alone are not enough. Two approaches can take our understanding to that next level.

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This can be revealing but often people struggle to provide accurate guidance on their motivations: This is then repeated for each independent variable in turn. Interpreting the Regression Analysis output You could run this analysis yourself using software such as Excel or SPSS, or you might choose to use a professional statistician.

The first two numbers relate to the regression model itself: Is the model really telling us anything? The F-value measures the statistical significance of the model. Typically an F-value with a significance less than 0. The R-Squared or the Adjusted R-Squared shows how much of the movement in the dependent variable is explained by the independent variables.

For example, an R-Squared value of 0. That means it would be highly predictive and could be said to be accurate The other two critical numbers when interpreting a Regression Analysis relate to each of the independent variables: Does the variable really matter?

Use of regression analysis in research

Like the F-value, the P-value is a measure of statistical significance, but this time it indicates if the effect of the independent variable rather than the model as a whole is statistically significant.

Again, a value lower than 0. If multiple independent variables have been tested as is often the casethe coefficient tells you how much the dependent variable is expected to increase by when the independent variable under consideration increases by one and all other independent variables are held at the same value.

Our goal in this study for a supplier of business software was to advise them on how to improve levels of customer satisfaction. To do so, we first conducted a series of in-depth interviews with delighted, content and dis-satisfied customers to identify all the things which could potentially influence levels of satisfaction.

We complemented this with some internal workshops with customer facing staff to tap into their beliefs about what makes customers happy. Using these insights as a basis we then created a structured survey which, amongst other things, asked customers to rate their satisfaction in three respects using a 1 — 10 scale: Overall satisfaction with the supplier Satisfaction in regard to four high-level factors — product quality, consultancy on product use, technical support and quality of the relationship Satisfaction in regard to various sub-areas within these high-level factors, e.

After all, in many markets customers will remain loyal even if unhappy because the cost or effort of change is too high relative to the benefit see here for further discussion of this. To establish this, we ran a simple correlation analysis between overall satisfaction and claimed loyalty.

This resulted in a correlation co-efficient R of 0. Confident that improving overall levels of customer satisfaction would most likely yield commercial benefits, we then needed to understand how to achieve this. Here enters Regression Analysis. Before interpreting the output of our analysis, we needed to establish if the model was reliable and accurate.

Use of regression analysis in research

It passed with flying colours on both counts: The F-value was 0.Methods of correlation and regression can be used in order to analyze the extent and the nature of relationships between different variables. Correlation analysis is used to understand the nature of relationships between two individual variables.

Downside of Regression Analysis In order to make data fit an equation, you have to figure out what general pattern the data fits first.

The general steps to performing regression include first making a scatter plot and then making a guess as to what kind of equation might be the best fit. Regression Analysis in Medical Research. Article This article attempts to acquaint readers with the terminology of regression analysis and how to use regression formulas.

Multivariate Regression Modeling for Home Value Estimates with Evaluation using Maximum Information Coefficient Gongzhu Hu, Jinping Wang, and Wenying Feng Abstract Predictive modeling is a statistical data mining approach that builds a For housing market analysis, the hedonic price.

Regression analysis focuses on the form of the relationship between variables, while the objective of correlation analysis is to gain insight into the strength of the relationship (1,2).

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Utilities. The regression analysis as a statistical tool has a number of uses, or utilities for which it is widely used in various fields relating to almost all the natural, physical and social sciences.

the specific uses, or utilities of such a technique may be outlined as under.

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