Thesis of cargoes by john masefield

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Thesis of cargoes by john masefield

Poem Summary Lines A quinquireme is an ancient ship with five banks of oars. This area is considered one of the cradles of civilization, a source for some of the earliest written and built histories of ancient human communities.

Ophir is an ancient country of uncertain location mentioned in the Old Testament. Presumably, this particular quinquireme is bringing its cargo to Solomon.

The Nineveh reference is unclear. Perhaps the ship was built in Nineveh, rowed to Ophir, then on to its destination in Palestine.

The traditional cargo of Ophirian gold is replaced by an exotic catalog of luxury items from Nineveh or from other places along the route. It is uncertain whether Masefield is referring here to a particular historical voyage or even a particular period of ancient biblical history.

It seems just as likely that these words laden with history have been collected for their ability to create the desired sound and meter as well as the desired image.

Lines The Spanish ship of stanza two, a large sailing vessel, is likely sailing from the Isthmus of Panama back to Spain through the North Atlantic approximately 2, years later.

This is the period of the Spanish Empire—beginning in the s— when Spain controlled the commerce from much of the Americas.

Again the cargo is of luxury goods, especially precious stones, bound for Spanish royalty and nobility. Stanzas one Thesis of cargoes by john masefield two have several things in common.

First, their valuable cargo is destined for the only ones who can afford it: Second, the items are nonessential, extravagant luxuries. Third, the climates are sunny and beautiful. In these two stanzas, then, impressive ships on exotic voyages carry exotic cargo to exotic and extravagant rulers.

The overall impression is of beauty. Lines The ship of the third stanza stands in for the somewhat later empire of Britain. This particular ship is different than the two others, not just because it is unimpressive, but because it is not travelling to or from abroad.

Instead it carries materials from one part of Britain to another through the English Channel. No longer luxury items, this cargo is not beautiful, but purely practical and, one might assert, ugly as the coaster is dirty and salt-caked.

Thesis of cargoes by john masefield

The material is not bound for royalty and nobility, but for the captains of industry to process. Finally, the setting the ship sails in is quite different: Through almost picture-like images of three ships representing three successive empires, Masefield economically sums up and negatively comments upon the history of capitalism and trade.

The first stanza describes an ancient ship, placed by Masefield in the time of Solomon, the son of David who ruled Israel from to B. Solomon had a glorious kingdom that magically combined the virtues of incredible wealth, deep wisdom, and devoted religiosity; that is, until he began worshipping other gods and his kingdom fell apart.

The second ship belongs to the Spain of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that imported products from its empire in South America. This glittering cargo is for an empire that once ruled half of the world Portugal controlled the other half.

One might say that these stanzas are written from the perspective of the country receiving these goods. Research the history of trade to see how it has changed through the centuries.

If a more specific topic is desired, one could research how ships and navigation have changed and the effect this had on trade. Or, one could investigate different means—military, diplomatic, etc.

List reasons why road rails, pig-lead, firewood, ironware, and cheap tin trays are apparently less desirable than topazes, cinnamon, diamonds, ivory, and exotic animals.

Try to be precise in your answer. On a map, draw out the trading routes in this poem. Map out some present-day trading routes. For example, how does Egyptian cotton reach the United States? What are the reasons for having an empire, for imperialism? Succinctly put, the world of trade had been transformed from glamorous to grimy.

Growth and Development From the first to the third stanzas there is growth and development. Still, Israel was made rich by conquering areas around it and enslaving its peoples. Solomon employed these slaves, according to Kings I of the Bible, to build his cities.

By the time Spain was an imperial power, enabled by the Pope who gave it rights to the Western world, Spain controlled a large part of North and South America.

But as empires grew and developed, they also fell.Analysis of cargoes john masefield essays on success. Drunk driving essays persuasive writing csus library thesis dissertations leistungsprozess beispiel essay berno bahro dissertation help direct effect of general principles of eu law essays alaturka mavzer sagopa dissertation differences between christianity and judaism essays on global.

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