Tanning should be banned for teens

Should tanning bed be banned for use by teenagers? Small quantities of sunshine produce Vitamin D, which regulates our calcium metabolism. Most people look good with a tan so it is small wonder that sun beds are popular especially with the younger people.

Tanning should be banned for teens

Tanning should be banned for teens

The bill follows a statement in February by the American Academy of Pediatrics calling for a ban on ultraviolet UV tanning beds and similar devices for anyone under the age of 18, according to state Sen. Every year, an estimated 1 million people in America are diagnosed with non-melanoma cancer, which is caused by overexposure to the sun and tanning devices, according to the American Cancer Society.

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Read the most recent issue of Governing magazine. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law banning anyone in California younger than 14 from using a tanning bed, but allowed teens between the ages of 14 and 17 to use them with parental consent.

Many states have their own variations of tanning laws and regulations, but none ban tanning entirely for minors, despite the fact that the American Medical Association has recommended it. New York state has also introduced a bill that would ban indoor tanning to anyone under Though California may be the first in the U.

Many countries have already done this -- in April, England and Wales banned teen indoor tanning, and in February, Brazil banned tanning beds for cosmetic purposes for the entire population.

The tanning industry -- which in was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for deceiving customers about health-care risks -- is up in arms about the bill, claiming that if banned from tanning salons, teens will resort to using unregulated home UV appliances.

How is a sun bed different from natural sunlight?

Lieu doubts rogue tanning will take off anytime soon, however. Teens can still enjoy the glowing result without the cancer risk.Should Tanning Salons Be Banned?

The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters Attitudes of Teenagers Toward Sun Exposure and Sunscreen Use, 89 Pediatrics 40 ().

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5Larry Schuster, Skin Cancer Rate Continues Upward, United Press Int’l, May 2. Pediatricians Say Teens Should Be Barred from Tanning Parlors: Shots - Health News Artificial tanning beds greatly increase the risk of skin cancers and should be banned for teens, a leading group of pediatricians says.

Tanning should be banned for teens

Most people get 25 percent of their lifetime sun exposure before age At least 17 states are considering, or have passed, legislation to ban or restrict teens from using tanning beds. Are tanning beds safer than sun tanning? No. Tanning beds may actually be worse than sun tanning. A tanning bed emits primarily ultraviolet A (UVA) .

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that sun beds should be banned for use by teenagers of 18 years and under.

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Young people are at increased risk of skin cancer by early life exposure to ultraviolet light. There is a direct link between tanning bed use and skin cancer. The Truth About Tanning Beds. May 11, There are many people who protest using tanning beds and the FDA has even attempted to ban tanning for people under the age of eighteen.

Dec 18,  · The FDA is proposing an indoor tanning ban for teens under age 18, citing cancer risks.

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