Socio cultural presentation

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Socio cultural presentation

Introduction In this chapter I provide a sketch of some issues that form the background to discussions about reading success and failure, and about the strategies that are and could be engaged in by parents and teachers.

Some of the issues and ideas I describe here are outlined more fully in Freebody and LukeFreebody, Luke and Gilbert and Freebody and Welch First, it is important to retain a broad perception of literacy instruction as it is currently practised in our society.

Socio cultural presentation

Historically, the goal of providing mass literacy at a sophisticated level is a comparatively recent one Graff It has only been in some countries since the early part of this century that education systems have seriously taken upon themselves the task of providing literacy instruction, beyond the levels required by civil participation, to the entire populace.

The recency of these efforts means that our theories about literacy are both comparatively piecemeal and usually in hot competition with one another. The first aspect of the emergent features of literacy is its effect on the social organisation and the supporting belief systems of the culture in which it develops.

It is hard for us to imagine how we could have organised our most central institutions educational, legal, political, industrial without the written word.

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Perhaps less obvious are the ways in which literacy also shapes individual consciousness: Socio cultural presentation is in light of the recency of the appearance of these issues Socio cultural presentation our partial grasp of them that the levels of success of current literacy education efforts need to be regarded.

For instance, in a recent study of the literacy performance of Year 5 and Year 9 students in Victoria, McGaw, Long, Morgan and Rosier addressed the issue of whether standards had been maintained over the period from to Their conclusion with regard to reading performance was as follows: Compared withthere are indications of improvement in the reading ability of year old female students.

The males at that level, and for year-old males and females, levels of achievement in reading remain at the same levels as they were in and This is despite an increase in the number of students from non-English speaking backgrounds p Such a conclusion is compatible with research conducted in other states see Freebody and Welch,for a summary of these findings.

While there are problems with a number of these research programs see Freebodythe overall findings nonetheless suggest that the success rate of reading instruction in developed industrial countries is, while not perfect, at least adequate, and may even be regarded as impressive given the demographic changes that have occurred in some of those countries over the last 15 years.

Our notions of adequacy however need to be regarded as historically and culturally specific. It is not possible to determine any definitive benchmark for adequacy or for functional literacy see Resnick and Resnick We can describe success in reading only in terms of the civil, socio-cultural, and job-credential demands and expectations that any particular culture places on its members in terms of the degree to which and the ways in which they deal with written texts.

There are currently many theories of reading and reading pedagogy that attempt to describe the conditions that are both necessary and sufficient for successful reading performance.

The line I will take in this chapter is that only the necessary components of reading success can be documented. Everything that a member of our culture can take from a written text can never be pre-specified, any more than can everything that a culture demands or expects from its members in their dealings with written text.

Here, therefore, I will argue for the necessary status of four components of successful reading, based on my perceptions of what our culture expects, here and now, from people in their management of text.

I will present these ideas in terms of four headings, arguing that a successful reader needs to develop and sustain the resources to play four related roles: In the remainder of this chapter I will develop my notions of these four roles and briefly summarise the implications of such a view.

Learning your role as code-breaker To be a successful reader, an individual needs to successfully engage the technology of the written script.

There are two aspects to this technology:PEST or PESTLE Analysis helps you understand your business environment, by looking at Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, and Technological factors.

Socio cultural presentation

Introduction Greg Richards NHTV University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. The Cultural Tourism Research Group (CTRG) has over the past 20 years undertaken nearly 40, visitor surveys and produced a number of publications, most of which can be found in the ATLAS publication list.

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T. (Dick) France's commentary to the pastoral and scholarly community.

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