Short business plan in hindi language

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Short business plan in hindi language

Quote English is widely regarded as the language of international business.

short business plan in hindi language

India, which went through nearly years of colonial British rule, is estimated to have more than million people who speak the language. For most English-speaking business people, this makes local communication more convenient in New Delhi or Mumbai than, say, in Shanghai or Beijing.

How important is it to know Hindi to do business in India? India Knowledge Wharton discussed this question and more with Mauro Guillena professor of management at Wharton and director of the Lauder Institute, and Shiv Khemka, a member of the Lauder board and vice chairman of the SUN Group, which invests and manages private equity funds in emerging markets.

An edited version of the conversation appears below. It is often said that English is the mother tongue of the Indian — and perhaps the global — business class. Why then is there a need for a business language track in Hindi? Mauro, could you start us off on that?

We believe that it is, first of all, very important to have a new program on India because India has become a very important economy in the world. Indian companies are investing abroad. We have a tradition of helping students not just learn how to do business in a particular country, but also to understand the culture and the history and the way politics unfolds in ways that may be very relevant to business.

Shiv, what do you think? Of course, it is true that many people in business speak English in India. At the same time, I think that all of us who do business in India speak English and Hindi or a vernacular [language] often interchangeably.

Since Hindi is the predominantly spoken language in India, particularly north India, it is used more frequently in terms of [business] discussions. Knowledge Wharton High School Also you have thousands of entrepreneurs blooming in every region, in every city and in every town. It is no longer a few large industrial groups that control the Indian economy.

Many of these young entrepreneurs feel comfortable [doing business] in Hindi. So it is extremely important for business people and students who want to do business in India and understand the culture to speak good Hindi. Will knowledge of Hindi be required over the long term to do business in India or is this a short-term requirement?

All of us realize that English is the global business language. People who [get] into business have ambitions of expanding their business, bringing in global partners, global financing, global connectivity and, therefore, the importance of English is stressed to their children, to their colleagues and so on.

However, Hindi remains an important language to connect and allow people to work within India. Also for the political classes in India you will notice that Hindi is a critical language. Mauro, what is your view of the long-term perspective of teaching business in Hindi? Over the long-term, as I mentioned earlier, it makes all the sense in the world to take India and Indian companies very seriously.

We have here a very good example of this with the SUN group of companies, which have a presence in major emerging economies including Russia as well as others. It is very important now that India has become a major player in the global economy for the rest of us to learn more about it and also to help not just MBA students who have an interest in India realize their dreams, but also to enrich the experiences of all of the other students who may not have a direct interest in India but could possibly or potentially learn quite a bit from India.

Indian companies are making a dent in global competition in very different industries and essentially providing new examples and new role models for other companies around the world to imitate. What are some of the challenges you face in introducing business concepts in a language that traditionally has not had the vocabulary to deal with such concepts?

You are pointing out examples that are frequently encountered in other languages as well. I am a German speaker and a Spanish speaker — Spanish is my mother tongue — and I find myself often at a loss when it comes to translating some technical term from English into those languages.

Sometimes it also happens the other way around. I think this is more of a general problem. It certainly is not specific to any particular language. As a global community we need to accommodate this cultural diversity, which manifests itself in the form of language and linguistic expression.

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