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Sciencescape editing services

Hyphe has changed a lot in the past few years. Migrating from an older version by pulling the code from git is therefore not guaranteed, it is highly recommended to reinstall from scratch. Older corpora can be reran by exporting the list of WebEntities from the old version and recrawl from that list of urls in the new version.

Docker enables isolated install and execution of software stacks, which makes simple installing a whole set of dependencies. First follow Docker install instructions to install Docker on your machine.

Once you've got Docker installed and running, install Docker Compose to set up and orchestrate Hyphe services in a single line.

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Then you just need to get or build Hyphe's Docker images: Either pull official image from Docker Store recommended way: Finally, you can run Hyphe containers with this command once you've setup the configuration first, see section below: You can inspect the logs of the various Docker containers using docker-compose logs, or with option -f to track latest entries.

Run docker-compose help to get more explanations on any extra advanced use of Docker. If you encounter issues with the Docker builds, please report an issue including the "Image ID" of the Docker images you used from the output of docker images.

Manual way complex If your computer or server relies on an Operating System which is too old to run Docker, if you want to contribute to Hyphe's backend development or for any other personal reason, you might want to rather install Hyphe manually by following the detailed install instructions.

Please note there are many dependencies which are not always trivial to install and that you might run in quite a bit of issues. You can ask for some help by opening an issue and describing your problem, hopefully someone will find some time to try and help you.

Hyphe relies on a web interface with a server daemon which must be running at all times. To start, stop or restart the daemon, run without sudo: Use the --nologs option to disable this.

You can always check the logs for both the core backend and each corpus' MemoryStructure in the log directory. Configure Hyphe Before running Hyphe, you should probably adjust the settings first. Please read the Configuration documentation for detailed explanation of each available setting.

If you installed using Docker Most of the settings should rather be set by editing the files config-backend. First copy the configuration files: Then restart the Docker container to take changes into account: Explain complex configs and how to edit by adjusting the config directory into its volume after first up If you installed manually: Restart Hyphe to take changes into account: For personal uses, you can already use Hyphe as such.

Although, if you want to let others use it as well typically if you installed on a distant serveryou need to serve it on a webserver and make a few adjustments to do so.

If you installed with Docker, and Hyphe is the only web service your server will host, you can already access it directly on the Docker host IP address such as http: By default docker-compose runs its image to be served on the port 80, so if your server is bound for instance to mySuperHyphe.

If your server already exposes the port 80 for another service, Dockerwill fail to run Hyphe with an error bind: You can then serve Hyphe using for instance Apache or Nginx by redirecting the port to another domain or path.

For instance if you setup Docker to serve Hyphe on portand you want it accessible on "http:Reading dissertation editing services reviews is the first and most important thing to do.

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sciencescape editing services

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