Pilgrimages to sacred sites as tourism essay

Rare documentary and ethnological films and numerous images and items related to pilgrimages and sacred places, such as Santiago de Compostela and the Shikoku pilgrimage, were on exhibit.

Pilgrimages to sacred sites as tourism essay

Bhairahawa can also be reached by bus from other parts of the country. Buses to Lumbiini leave every hour or so from 6 am to 5 pm from Bhairahawa. The Lumbini region has been developed through Lumbini Trust, a none governmental organization. Newer temples and monuments are being developed by foreign pilgrimage here.

All temples found in this region form this place a royal Buddhist pilgrimages destination.

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The China temple located in Lumbini is a complex of pagodas, prayer rooms and meditation cells developed by the Buddhist Association of China. The International Gautami Nuns temple is also found here which is a replica of the Swayambhu stupa in Kathmandu.

Many other temples are currently under construction, these include Japan temple, Sri Lanka temple, and Vietnam temple.

The Maya Devi Temple: The Maya Devi Shrine complex is the heart of all monuments at this holy site. The complex also bears the testimony of several layers of construction over the centuries.

The main object of worship here is the nativity sculpture. The restored Maya Devi temple was reopened on May 16, on the th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. Government of Nepal and LDT jointly restored the temple.

The ground floor consists of the remains of the foundations of the early Maya Devi Temple that dates back to 3rd century BC.

The sanctum sanatorium is the birth spot of the Lord Buddha. In the Kapilvastu museum can be seen ruins of the ancient capital of the Sakya kingdom where the Buddha grew up as Prince Siddhartha.

The Sacred Garden is best visited in the morning. Spread over 8 sq. Today as part of the global initiative to promote Lumbini, many Buddhist communities from various countries have built or are building temples, monasteries or stupas near the Sacred Garden in the International Monastery Zone.

Monasteries built by these communities showcase the architecture and culture of their respective nations and are part of the attraction of Lumbini today. Excavations have revealed a series of rooms and a stone slab, which is now believed to mark the exact location at which the Buddha, or Siddhartha as he would have been known then was born.

The whole place has an air of remoteness except when the occasional busload of pilgrims from different corners of the Buddhist universe arrives. His Eminence Chogya the complex. Every morning around sixty monks who reside here conduct the Tara Puja.

At the end of September, two thousand monks congregate for a day Puja and on 13th December each year for the Mahakala Puja, which also lasts for 10 days.

Pilgrimages to sacred sites as tourism essay

The Ashokan Pillar-Ina German archaeologist, white wandering about the foothills of the Churia range, discovered a massive stone pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka in B. It is said that the Indian Emperor visited Lumbini Garden in the twentieth year of his coronation.

Gotihawa lies 5-km southwest of Taulihawa town and is considered the natal town of Krakuchanda Buddha.Religious Sites In Nepal, religion permeates every facet of life with festivals, daily rituals, family celebrations and religious observances.

At every step one can see temples and shrines, processions and devotional music. This sample Tourism Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

Pilgrimages to sacred sites as tourism essay

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cindy essay. Presentazione IMAGINe ENG. CBI_ A Closer Look at Rural Tourism. Irrespective of the individual’s purpose in making their journey to various sacred sites in the world. Tourism. Santiago de Compostela. – destinations which pilgrimages were made to specific cult sites to obtain still exert a strong attraction today.

Explorations in a Christian Theology of Pilgrimage provides a thorough discussion of the current resurgence of Christian pilgrimage. Editors Craig Bartholomew and Fred Hughes organized an academic conference held in January by the School of Theology and Religious Studies at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education in England.

View Pilgrimage and Tourism Research Papers on regardbouddhiste.com for free. Skip to main content Log In; Sign Up; Log In This introductory essay explores some of the commonalities and differences that emerge from this thematic issue on religion and tourism in China and India.

where river and sacred sites play a major role in its . enthusiastically embraced sacred journeys to these (and other) sites, such practices have not gone uncontested. Since the outset, their legitimacy was debated by the This short photographic essay explores the signiÞ cance of landscape in contem- such as nature and culture, meaning and performance, tourism and pilgrimage.


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