Packaging is a silent salesman

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Packaging is a silent salesman

September Suggested citation: Cancer Council Victoria; It summarises the history of plain packaging as a policy response In Palmer, AJ, eds, In: A cigarette pack is the only thing you take out of your pocket 20 times a day and lay out for everyone to see. That's a lot different than buying your soap powder in generic packaging.

Perhaps the best known definition of this mix is that proposed by McCarthy who talked of the 'four Ps' of marketing. Colours and typeface have long been known to elicit particular responses in consumers, often shaped by strong social and cultural forces.

Imagery and symbols also exert powerful effects, linking desirable attributes with particular brands. The world's most popular cigarette brand, Marlboro, 7 can readily be identified through its iconic Packaging is a silent salesman chevron.

Sociologically, a symbol acts as a stimulus eliciting a particular response based on people's understanding of meaning see Jefkins,p 8. The heraldic coat of arms on Benson and Hedges packs for instance is an abstract wordless symbol that imparts notions of status and attested quality.

Packaging is a silent salesman

With the advertising of tobacco increasingly banned in more and more forms throughout the world, the pack has fast become the most important promotional vehicle for reaching potential and current smokers. The study showed how cigarette brands and cigarette package designs give meaning to personal characteristics, to social identity and to positions in hierarchies of status.

In the young smokers' accounts, brands appeared Packaging is a silent salesman add 'an extra dimension to the social meaning of smoking in their daily life'. These jurisdictions have reasoned: They present an unavoidable and unfortunate spill of promotional imagery and product reminders to vulnerable consumers including young people, former smokers … and smokers of all ages who are trying to quit.

A long-term panel study by Moodie and Hastings 19 found that packaging has been a very strong theme in the tobacco trade press and that smokers have been particularly attentive to value-based packaging. Pack design doesn't just communicate the 'personality' of a cigarette brand to the smoker, it also allows smokers to project these characteristics to others when they handle and display the package throughout their daily routines.

As 'badge products', cigarettes can reinforce the characteristics conjured by brand image. Consumer theory and research has demonstrated that incidental consumer brand encounters ICBEs powerfully affect buying patterns in ways in which the consumer is not fully aware.

This process of identity creation allows tobacco manufacturers to sell status, social acceptance, glamour and adventure. Young people can use cigarettes to help convey these attributes as part of a social persona they wish to convey to their peers.

Branding and pack design would appear to be particularly important to young people. Further research is intended to determine both underlying bases of pack image influence e.

Each pack component will provide an integrated function as part of a carefully planned brand or information communications campaign.

Founded 27 years ago, Primary Color has grown from a full service silk screen company to providing digital, screen and offset printing across multiple industries. Our production capabilities allow us the flexibility to produce job quantities from one to millions. About Us. Consumers Interstate Corporation is an innovative wholesale distributor of industrial, safety, janitorial, packaging and office supplies. “Packaging will always be a point of reference and, as the face of the brand, it is longer lasting than advertising,” believes Pearlfisher’s Ford. And in the current environment, when advertising spending is falling, the role of packaging as the “silent salesman” is likely to take on greater prominence.

This section also describes further trends in tobacco products and packaging, including those designed to overshadow or distract from consumer information e. Tobacco control advocates were struck by testimony of an Imperial Tobacco executive who agreed during questioning that smokers were generally unable to discriminate between brands when blind-tested and that packaging was vital.

Put it in a package and put a name on it, then it has a lot of product characteristics. In its comprehensive review of the impact of tobacco promotion on tobacco use, the Department of Health's Toxic Substances Board recommended in that cigarettes be sold in New Zealand in white packs with simple black text and no colours or logos.

At their meeting 17—22 NovemberParties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control adopted guidelines on advertising and package labelling that recommend the use of plain packaging. All Australian states and territories already prohibit sale of single cigarettes and mandate the minimum number of cigarettes in a pack 20 cigarettesreasoning that small packs, being less expensive, are more attractive to youth.

Advocates argued that plain packaging should encompass pack interiors and the cigarette itself, given the demonstrated potential for manufacturers to use colours, bandings and markings and different length and gauges to make cigarettes more 'interesting' and appealing.

Legislation to mandate plain packaging that covered all aspects of cigarette and pack design would, advocates argued, effectively standardise the appearance of all cigarette packages and cigarettes, greatly reducing the status-signalling roles and appeal of cigarettes.

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Follow us! Our production capabilities allow us the flexibility to produce job quantities from one to millions.
Importance of Product Packaging in Marketing | These are particularly useful to small businesses that have few salespeople on hand to promote their products and services.
Labels & Labeling | The world of package printing In the culinary world, there's a saying that people eat with their eyes. Beautiful-looking food makes people not only want to consume the food but also to believe that the food actually tastes better.

Inan expert panel provided to the Canadian Department of Health a comprehensive review of the likely effects of plain packaging entitled When Packages Can't Speak: The expert panel found that all four studies produced some evidence to support the hypothesis that plain and generic packaging made cigarettes less attractive and appealing.

No comparable study providing contrary evidence was known to exist. To tackle these five overall objectives, the expert panel conceived, conducted and analysed findings of a battery of six different studies employing five methodological approaches. For all brands, 'package approaches' were the first thing mentioned by the majority of respondents who correctly identified the brand as methods by which companies promoted awareness of brands.

While teenagers rarely admit to the likelihood of promotional strategies affecting them, a surprisingly large proportion reported that having cigarettes available only in plain packaging would bother them a lot Many respondents believed that having cigarettes available only in plain and generic packages would have an effect on the number of teenagers who would start smoking.

More than one third Almost forty per cent The current, branded packaging was associated with a more positive image than the plain white packaging.Packaging is often described as 'the silent salesman', creating subconscious connections with consumers at the crucial time of purchase.

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