Organic semiconductors thesis

A few years later, ina German chemist, Clemens Winkler, discovered a new element that fitted the description, he called this new element Germanium paying tribute to his homeland. Quoting Dr Asai "I have whole-heartedly devoted myself to the study of germanium for close to 30 years. At the outset, I intended to describe the therapeutic efficacy of germanium. Gradually, however, I have been led to believe the existence of something in germanium that cannot be fully explained in terms of science in its present stage of development, when I see that obstinate diseases for which modern medicine is powerless are successfully cured by our germanium therapy.

Organic semiconductors thesis

The tradition of Western medicine is now strong in Japan, and because I promulgate the Organic semiconductors thesis of a common cause for all disease, I have incurred much opposition.

Some doctors have even gone so far as to call for the eradication of this "amateur with no medical training who puts forth such irregular ideas.

In the Germanium Clinic which I supervise, no pharmaceuticals are used, only my organic germanium. Therefore, when a patient comes to the Clinic he receives a medical examination and the appropriate prescription of germanium is given.

In spite of the fact that no additional medicine is given, people come daily from all over Japan, and close to twenty per cent of them become so-called "germanium believers," continuing to take the compound over a long period. Of course, the purpose of the treatment has already been achieved, but repeated use has not once caused any side effects or any other complaint up to the present time, nor do I expect any in the future.

On the other hand, requests from practicing physicians have Organic semiconductors thesis increased. Some of these doctors say that thanks to germanium, their patients are extremely grateful, and now without germanium they would be unable to continue their practice.

The effect of the compound is so unlike that of any medicine heretofore discovered that I hesitate to call germanium a medicine.

I would rather call it a health-giving substance - i. The basis for this, first, is its seemingly universal applicability and beneficial effect in the treatment of apparently any disease in adults and children.

Secondly, it is without the adverse effects associated with medicines as we know them. To my way of thinking there are three conditions for the treatment of disease which greatly affect recovery.

These factors are supported by the latest advances in medical theory and endorsed by doctors working with the organic germanium compound. The principles of natural law form the basis for my thoughts and medical techniques, such as biorhythm, as well as acupuncture and natural herb therapy may be used in conjunction with them.

The first condition for insuring the recovery of a person afflicted with disease is that he must have a firm conviction that he will recover.

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The expression "Heaven helps those who help themselves," should not be taken lightly. To a certain extent, the patient must become his own doctor in order to give full play to the healing powers of the body by personal involvement in the treatment.

Underscoring this idea is the theory of electric potentials of as diseased organ as it related to stress as a cause of disease. Just as stress can be said to cause cancer, ulcers, and other diseases, the stress or strain developed in these particles cannot be reversed if the strain is not eliminated by restoring harmony of the mind.

Organic semiconductors thesis

Biorhythm healing methods rely on just this sort of harmony. The second condition is the maintenance of proper diet. As mentioned previously, maximum effort should be made to maintain a balanced diet to prevent the blood from acidity, which happens if there is an excessive intake of hydrogen ions which consume the body oxygen and literally pollute the blood.

The only way we can keep our blood clean and guarantee good health is by maintaining a proper acid-base balance. The third condition, a synthesis of the above two, is not a continuous combustion process to develop an oxygen deficiency.

We remain alive because there is a continuous combustion process within the body to supply life sustaining energy, a process in which oxygen plays the main role. If no effort is made to maintain a healthy mind and body by avoiding stress and an imbalance diet, an oxygen deficiency will result. The main factor involved in the curative effect of germanium is the life style of the individual.

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Usually, disease is the result of an unbalanced diet or excessive mental stress, which may result from excessive worrying, lack of spiritual direction, among other factors. For successful treatment such adverse conditions must be eliminated.

After all, what is the use of giving a person medicine if he insists on poisoning his system? If these conditions are met, I have no doubt that the germanium compound will cure the majority of cases of diseases which heretofore have been classified as showing poor response to medical treatment.

Considering the nature of the substance - one which heals by instituting a condition of health throughout the whole body, as opposed to substances which are used in specific treatments every effort must be made to give full play to the body's own healing powers. Jules Henri Poincare has said that truth was no more than a hypothesis by which the greatest number of facts were explained under the simplest principles and without contradictions.

My organic germanium compound has proved effective against all sorts of diseases, including cancers of the lung, bladder, larynx and breast, neurosis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac insufficiency, inflammation of maxillary sinus, neuralgia, leukaemia, softening of the brain, myoma of the uterus and hepatic cirrhosis.SYSTEMATIC SYNTHESIS OF ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS WITH VARIABLE BAND GAPS A Dissertation Presented by CHRISTOPHER T.

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The non-destructive sensing and imaging of the inner structure of materials is essential in many industrial processes for quality control and the development of new materials.

Organic Germanium and Cancer. Organic Germanium and its. Implications for Cancer. Without Dr Kazuhiko Asai PhD, (deceased), the incredible healing benefits of . Zhang, Y.-H.; Gao, Z.-X.; Zhong, C.-L.; Zhou, H.-B.; Chen, L.; Wu, W.-M.; Peng, X.-J.; Yao, Z.-J.

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