Lead 6341 research methods and statistics

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Lead 6341 research methods and statistics

Lead 6341 research methods and statistics

Program Requirements eLearning and Instructional Design Concentration Recent research on the science of learning has revolutionized our understanding of how people learn. As technology has become ubiquitous in society, learning takes place in many venues and formats: Seismic shifts are taking place in the education sector, such as competency-based learning and open education.

These developments are creating a growing demand for professionals who can help their organizations think strategically about approaches to learning that are pedagogically sound and technology-savvy.

The elearning and instructional design concentration explores the leading edge of next-generation learning design, with the goal of preparing its graduates to thrive in a world of expanded opportunities and delivery modes for learning.

During the course of study, students develop an online portfolio of work to demonstrate their capacity to think strategically, put creative ideas into action, and design environments that improve student learning to meet academic, personal, institutional, and organizational goals.

Higher Education Administration Concentration Due to advances in elearning and increasing student enrollments, the need for capable and effective school administrators has never been greater. In addition to providing solid guidance and direction, they must work to meet the needs of faculty, students, and parents alike.

Learning Analytics Learning analytics is where big data meets traditional quantitative methods in education. Governments, universities, schools, and educational organizations are collecting vast amounts of data about learners and how they learn. Much of this data does not come in neat, well-organized, and collected formats.

It exists in varied forms across systems and locations. Analysts need the skills to access and transform this data so we can better understand not only what students know, but how they know it.

Learning analytics and educational data mining are the tools to transform this data into knowledge and lead, in the end, to improved education.

Graduates of this program will emerge with the knowledge, competencies, and skills to engage successfully in the entire analytics cycle from project planning and implementation to communication and reporting. Specifically, graduates will work with real educational data to acquire the ability to: Designed for a broad range of educators, this program provides an in-depth look at the critical issues that are transforming the face of education: This program seeks to produce graduates empowered to implement new ideas and innovative strategies that are designed to improve educational effectiveness.

Special Education Concentration Demand for graduate-level-prepared special education practitioners is on the rise, driven by heightened degree requirements and a shortage of licensed, qualified teachers.

In this advanced program, you have an opportunity to explore specific topics on modifying curriculum, designing curriculum-based assessments, managing severe behaviors, developing individualized education programs IEPsleveraging community resources, and improving literacy.

As a result, you have an opportunity to enhance your ability to meet the needs of a diverse student population and to achieve the competencies required for this specialized license.

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Recent research on the science of learning has revolutionized our understanding of how people learn. As technology has become ubiquitous in society, learning takes place in many venues and formats: face-to-face, blended, online, and mobile.

Lead Research & Statistics Childhood lead screening results are currently available in two formats. The first link below provides access to our annual reports providing community level data on childhood lead screening rates and blood lead level statistics, including five-year incidence data for high risk communities.

Marketing Management. MKT Marketing Management (3 semester credit hours) Overview of marketing management methods, principles and concepts including product, pricing, promotion and distribution decisions as well as segmentation, targeting and positioning. () S. MKT Marketing Research (3 semester credit hours) Methods employed in market research to understand consumer .

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Evidence has been accumulating for decades that volcanic eruptions can perturb climate and possibly affect it on long timescales and that volcanism may respond to climate change.

Her research interests include inventory management, food waste management, assortment planning, retail operations, behavioral operations management and transportation theory. She is an Associate Editor for the Management Science and 4OR journals.

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