Help writing a fantasy story

The crowd of evil spirits flying into the village looks like a flock of birds. So many birds or butterflies migrate across this land that for days, it darkens the skies.

Help writing a fantasy story

Writing Fight Scenes Friday, April 10, Writing fight scenes is often an important task for a fantasy author. Some writers find they come naturally. Every word spent outside of the action can kill the tension.

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At the same time, a badly described scene can make the fight lack-luster, boring — or worse still — confusing. Setting the scene before the action begins is a great way of resolving these conflicting tensions.

It never ceases to amaze me how putting in the hard yards to describe the environment pays off later on. It allows you to focus on the action when you need to, without sacrificing context and clarity. Good writers will lay the groundwork well in advance of when it is actually needed.

A favorite technique of mine is to have the characters visit the scene prior to the fight, perhaps even in an earlier chapter. This is particularly true with fight scenes. The buildup is the perfect place to lay down what is truly at stake for your characters, to make clear the price of failure.

A good buildup will often last longer than the fight itself, and rightly so. It was the buildup to that moment which made it great — the lore, the menace and the darkness, the chase through the mines, all of it culminating with the breaking of the bridge.

That nasty, serrated hatchet the goblin is shaking at your character speaks for itself. Small details can help differentiate the impending conflict from a run-of-the-mill battle by increasing tension and upping the stakes.

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It can also be a great opportunity for horror. Get The Mechanics Right Now we get into the mechanics of the action itself.

Unfortunately, nothing is more likely to ruin a carefully constructed fight scene than confusing the reader. Clarity is key here. Some writers draw maps, and use toy soldiers to move their characters around during each phase of the battle to keep track of where everyone is.

I like to make up a list of events that have to occur to get me from the start to the finish. At the end, I go back and make sure they are all covered. The moves and actions of the characters also need to be realistic.

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I loved the novel despite these issues, but the author lost points with me in the fight scenes. Secondly, being flat on your back is the worst place to be in a fight.

help writing a fantasy story

A reader will forgive these mistakes once. Fights, even in a fantasy setting, must follow rules of leverage, force, and weight.

The more rigidly you follow them, the more realistic your fights will be. The same goes for weapons and armor. It might seem obvious that someone wielding a short-sword is going to have a difficult time blocking a swing from a claymore, but too many writers make simple mistakes like this.

Do as much research as you need to get the details right, and your fight scene will have a more natural, realistic feel. Follow Character Motivations Punches, kicks, lunges and parries can quickly degenerate into a series of tedious events if the fight is an end in and of itself.

The thing that separates a memorable fight from an average one is character motivation.

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There must be a reason for the fight, and a good one at that. What do the combatants want? What is at stake?Fantasy is a genre of speculative fiction set in a fictional universe, often without any locations, events, or people referencing the real roots are in oral traditions, which then became literature and the twentieth century it has expanded further into various media, including film, television, graphic novels and video games.

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Since I have a lot of readers who write fantasy novels, I thought I’d. One of my favorite types of literature and film is the fantasy genre. While I don't always finish every book in each series, I was brought up on the Narnia chronicles and I have been a big fan of the works of Robert Jordan in the past.

The real reason fantasy is undefinable is because any plot in existence can work as a fantasy story as fantasy is really just a tool for the author. Ultimately any magical, fantastical, or alien element of a good fantasy story is actually just a way to personify something that is real.

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