Explain how smart person must not be a wise

I certainly do, and I believe you do too.

Explain how smart person must not be a wise

A bright person is a person who is keen, alert, responds back and perhaps questions things people say and is more interactive with her world, including social situations, physical things like nature, remarks about stuff a lot.

An intelligent person is a person who thinks for themselves usually is a nonconformist, they question things a lot, often looking at the motives of other people and why the question was asked in the first place.

They look much deeper into things. A genius is a person who has cultivated a lot of passion in what they are doing. They love doing what it is they are doing, be it thinking for long periods of time, being creative and making stuff, its kind of like true love in what they are doing.

A brilliant person is a person who comes up with great ideas, they are known for creating eureka moments. A clever person is a person who has found satisfying alternatives to something that may have been thought to not have great alternatives to it, but a predictable usually single way or outcome.

Kind of like doing interesting tricks, or things unexpected. Lots of these people share the same characteristics and ices of all of those things.10 Things Smart People Don’t Do. Scott Christ. Read full profile. Share; Email; What do you think of when you hear that someone is “smart?” You probably conjure up an image of an intelligent person.

But being “smart” is so much more than being able to answer trivia questions and scoring highly on tests. but not smart people. The wise are all much alike in their wisdom, but very smart people tend to be smart in distinctive ways.

Most of our educational traditions aim at wisdom. So perhaps one reason schools work badly is that they're trying to make intelligence using recipes for wisdom. Do you want to be a wise person? I certainly do, and I believe you do too.

If you want to be wise, you must learn to see the big picture. Yes, the big picture. It’s essential. Let me explain why. Personally I think that increased perspective is what distinguishes a wise person from someone who is just smart. I think that your.

According to the book From Smart to Wise, operating more like detectives whose goal is to explain other people’s behaviors. A truly wise person would refuse to accept that conclusion. What is the difference between an intelligent person and a wise person? Update Cancel.

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Explain how smart person must not be a wise

A wise person knows what not to.” What's the big difference between a smart person and a wise person? How would a wise person, an intelligent person, and a knowledgeable person react differently in the same scenario?. 20 Things Smart People Don’t Do (And What They Do Instead) Djordje Todorovic.

But a wise person knows when he or she should push the envelope and stand firm when the situation takes a turn for the worst. but start by avoiding the meetings where you are not really required. Say no. We must learn to say no to others to be able to.

Is It Worth Being Wise?