Essay self evaluation form

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Essay self evaluation form

Knowledge Rating is a strategy for assessing what students already know about a reading topic by having them independently rate how well they know the key vocabulary. This prereading strategy encourages students to think metacognitively about their conceptual background for each word being introduced.

First, the teacher reviews the vocabulary to activate prior knowledge and to identify any confusing or unfamiliar words. Students then gather data during subsequent vocabulary instruction and actual reading, and, finally, they monitor and refine their insights after reading.

Essay self evaluation form

The teacher is then in a strategic position to prioritize certain words for focused and substantive preteaching. This vocabulary list also signals to students the relative importance of these terms and the likelihood that they will appear in some form of assessment.

STEPS Select the words from a reading selection that are most critical to grasping the essential concepts to be learned. Distribute copies of the Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Chart. When students have the list, tell them that they will start thinking about the new reading material by assessing what they already know about the topic.

As you read each word aloud, ask students to rate their word knowledge by checking one of the columns on the chart: Use the ratings for a unified-class discussion. Tally how many students actually know each word or think they know and encourage them to share their knowledge.

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In this way, you will be able to gauge just how much prereading instruction you will need to provide. Ask focusing questions that help students predict text content and organization based on this word list and thus help students establish a purpose for reading.

During any guided-reading activities, be sure to point out the target vocabulary. After completing subsequent vocabulary instruction and reading the assigned selection, have students rerate themselves.

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Then refine vocabulary knowledge. Return to the selection, or use reference books, to clarify words that are still problematic. Let students know that this Knowledge Rating tool is an organizer for study.

Any words on the list will be priorities for vocabulary assessment in a subsequent quiz or test. Students should also be held accountable for using these terms in related oral or written work; you can include them in assessment protocols such as writing rubrics.

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Essay self evaluation form

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