Case study determining pay raise scientific eqipment manufacturing company

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Case study determining pay raise scientific eqipment manufacturing company

The company was founded in by Robert Dean, formerly a research director at Ingersoll Rand. It currently has a staff of of whom 40 are engineers 27 PhDs and 21 are technicians and machinists.


As of FallCreare had received a total of Phase I awards, Phase II awards—more in the history of the program than all but two other firms. For its first two decades its client base concentrated in the turbo-machinery and nuclear industries.

In the s the company expanded to energy, aerospace, cryogenics, and materials processing. Creare expertise spans many areas of engineering.

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Research at Creare now bridges diverse fields such as biomedical engineering and computational fluid and thermodynamics.

Of the 40 engineers, are active in publishing, external relations with clients, and participation in academic conferences. The company currently employs one MBA to manage administrative matters though the company has operated for long periods of time with no MBAs on staff.

We wear a lot of hats. On-site machine shops and computer facilities offer support services. He joined Ingersoll Rand as a director of research. Soon thereafter, he and two partners founded Creare. But for its first decade, Robert Dean was the motive force at Creare.

Products go through ebbs and flows and sometimes they need a lot of resources. A case in point: InHypertherm was established as a subsidiary within Creare to develop and manufacture plasma-arc metal-cutting equipment.

A year later Creare spun off Hypertherm. Today, with employees, it is the world leader in this field.

Byan internal division had developed within Creare. Where Dean, the founder, continued to be focused on the search for ideas with significant commercial potential, others at Creare preferred to maintain the scale and focus consistent with a contract research firm.

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The firm split, with Dean and some engineers leaving to start Creare Innovations. Creare Innovations endured for a decade, during which time it served as an incubator to three successful companies: The partners who remained at Creare Inc. The nuclear power industry became the major source of support for Creare.

That changed quickly following the accident at Three Mile Island. At about the same time, the procurement situation with the federal government changed. Procurement reform made contracting with the federal government a far more elaborate and onerous process than it had been previously.

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In the wake of these changes came the SBIR program. As a consequence, the company knew that SBIR was on its way.

Creare was among the first firms to apply for, and to receive, an SBIR award. The award process was far less competitive than it is today.

Case study determining pay raise scientific eqipment manufacturing company

Program managers defined topics according to whether or not they would represent an interesting technical challenge.

Many of these problems required multiple SBIR projects, and many years, to reach resolution. In most instances, the output of the project was simply knowledge gained—both by Creare employees directly, and as conveyed to the funding agency in a report.

Impacts of the work were direct and indirect. That can influence development of new programs. The firm has 21 patents resulting from SBIR funded work. The firm has licensed technologies including high-torque threaded fasteners, a breast cancer surgery aid, corrosion preventative coverings, an electronic regulator for firefighters, and mass vaccination devices pending.

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