An analysis of casablanca a film by michael curtiz

I saw the movie as a commentary on the human need for purpose and forward movement, or at least the illusion of purpose and movement, to give existence meaning. The first scene in which the narrator describes Casablanca as a place where people do nothing but wait and wait and wait creates a feeling of purgatory, a feeling that Casablanca is no more that an intermediate holding chamber for those attempting to leave their previous lives behind and begin anew in America.

An analysis of casablanca a film by michael curtiz

Among all the beloved directors of Classical Hollywood — Howard Hawks, John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock — Curtiz is rarely included, often regarded on the relative margins as a talented director for hire, a perfect mirror to Casablanca itself: Curtiz is most often recalled as a technical aesthete.

I make it go so fast nobody notices. Perhaps this explains why Curtiz is never included with others in his ranks who found themselves on the pages of Cahiers du Cinema or interviewed by a reputable superfan in the form of a Truffaut or Bogdanovich.

They do not decisively mobilize their own fates or those of others, but are instead placed in scenarios in which they can no longer reside in their planned life of neutrality and passivity.

Reformed gangster Rocky Sullivan James Cagney of Angels with Dirty Faces helps at-risk young boys avoid a life of crime, but is guaranteed a tragic fate when he takes desperate measures to protect those who he most fears will become the social pariah he is.

In King Creole, Danny Fisher Elvis Presley is content to live as an invisible but hotheaded young nightcrawler, but his climb to fame in the New Orleans nightclub scene forces him into a position in which he must choose to rise above or sink down into the corruption of his gangster employers.

Rather, they are to the end of their films radical individuals, persona non grata either invisible to or sneered at by others within the environments they occupy. They transform, by circumstances beyond their own control, from reclusive outcasts to self-actualized people — but never traditional heroes, for they would always refuse such a moniker, and they never rid themselves of their uniquely individualizing attitudes.

What Is Wrong With Casablanca?

They recognize their limits as subjects within a larger social structure — the moral dilemma they inherit comes from their inability to secure the good fates of others or even themselves — but never expect forgiveness for their previous reclusiveness.

Only by looking past the most celebrated Hollywood movie of all time can Curtiz come into focus as something slightly more than a good ringleader of Hollywood products.Casablanca Essay Examples. 30 total results.

An Analysis of the Film Casablanca. words. An Analysis of the Old Classic Noir Film Casablanca Directed by Michael Curtiz in words. 1 page. An Analysis of the Film, Casablanca. words. 1 page. A Comparison of the Similarities of Casablanca and Orwell's words. 2 pages. Hungarian-born filmmaker, Michael Curtiz (pictured with Joan Crawford, above), is considered by many to be one of the quintessential Hollywood directors – he is, after all, the man who directed Casablanca, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and The Adventures of Robin Hood.

An analysis of casablanca a film by michael curtiz

Yet in auteurist circles he is . The classic and much-loved romantic melodrama Casablanca (), always found on top-ten lists of films, is a masterful tale of two men vying for the same woman's love in a love triangle.

The story of political and romantic espionage is set against the backdrop of the wartime conflict between democracy and totalitarianism.

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Casablanca Cinematography The film Casablanca directed by Michael Curtiz and released in —at the height of World War II—is set in December in Casablanca, French Morocco. It is a time of escalating power of the Nazi party, which attempted to gain control of most parts of the world starting with Europe and Northern Africa.

Cagney and Crawford won their only Academy Awards under Curtiz's direction, with Cagney on TV later attributing part of his success to "the unforgettable Michael Curtiz." [91] Curtiz himself was nominated five times and won as Best Director for Casablanca.

Dec 01,  · Film Genre Analysis: Casablanca vs. Titanic 1 12 The two movies I will compare are Casablanca, directed by Michael Curtiz in and Titanic directed by James Cameron in

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