Amor fati essay

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Amor fati essay

Amor Fati | The Offing

Excerpt Are amor fati and eternal recurrence compatible doctrines? The essay deals with the compatibility of two doctrines - amor fati and eternal recurrence.

The purpose of this paper will not be to assess if they are compatible in the sense of whether they can work in intertwined harmony. I will not discuss the legitimacy of amor fati as a doctrine but eternal recurrence with its non-religious claims needs to stand up to our scrutiny.

Amor fati essay doctrine can be either based on knowledge or on belief.

Amor Fati | The Offing

In regard to knowledge I will have to prove if eternal recurrence is comprehensible, to find out whether or not amor fati and eternal recurrence are working hand in hand.

Without plausible reasoning the final goal of amor fati can not be reached through the way of eternal recurrence. Firstly it is therefore necessary to find some empirical or physical proof for his thesis upon which one can build the basis for empirical interpretations of the eternal recurrence.

Taking the assumption that those statements are in themselves rational and convincing I can state that eternal recurrence leads consequently to amor fati. Therefore both doctrines are compatible.

If it is not the case eternal recurrence will just be based on belief. I will answer the questions if Nietzsche really offers a new doctrine through which one can reach the goal of affirmation of life or if it is only a doctrine on the basis of faith. Amor fati is the love of life itself and the love of fate.

It does not stand for passive acceptance of all fruitful and painful experiences in life but for the love to all activities one performs and especially towards events which happen to oneself by chance. It entails the yes to necessities, which means in the worst case, that perhaps one is entitled only to fail in life.

Nietzsche does not want us to base the doctrine of amor fati on belief of the Christian religion anymore but on the knowledge of eternal recurrence as a proof that we can love and change our lives out of ourselves, without a God.

The Dionysianism in his book The Birth of Tragedy is an obvious example for amor fati as Nietzsche admires the Greek for celebrating all cycles in life, even the phases that consist in degeneration and decay.

I will not examine whether or not amor fati is a doctrine worth striving for, as it is not reasonable to question the sense of a target like a footballer kicking a goal when he does not yet know where the goal posts are.

Amor fati essay

An aim is static and it is not rational to judge measures which lead towards it when one is not sure about the goal itself. The method of eternal recurrence can be rooted on physical or hypothetical evidence or it can be a matter of belief.

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Robert Allen makes it even clearer that a doctrine can be based on two different set of principles. One has got rather scientific or rational roots, the other consists of conviction or trust in somebody or something.

However Nietzsche did not intend to create a new believe and definitely not a new religion. He wanted to convince people to look not to a god but to themselves for a reason to live.

Nietzsche wanted to give reasons to alter ones attitude towards life. Belief starts, he knew, where reasoning ends.

Amor fati essay

Therefore I suggest that Nietzsche did not want belief to be the basis of his doctrine but logic.The meeting with the goddess (who is incarnate in every woman) is the final test of the talent of the hero to win the boon of love (charity: amor fati writing an opinion essay which is life itself enjoyed as the encasement of eternity.

Meanwhile there will be a multitude of preliminary victories, unsustainable ecstasies and momentary glimpses. May 18,  · Amor Fati (Love of Fate) & The Christian Response “Amor Fati” is a Latin phrase that means love of fate, wherein loss and suffering are to be accepted and considered as good or necessary facts of life.

The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" The X-Files episode: Donaldson, in her essay "The Last Temptation of Mulder", writes that in Kazantzakis' novel Jesus "represents what is the utmost human challenge, that of releasing the divinity within from its earthly confines.".

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Daily Stoic is excited to announce, in collaboration with bestselling author Robert Greene (48 Laws of Power, Mastery), the Amor Fati medallion. Amor fati is a mindset that you take on for making the best out of anything that happens: Treating each and every moment—no matter how challenging—as something to be embraced.

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