American andersonville civil essay ghost history in shadow social war

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American andersonville civil essay ghost history in shadow social war

Ransom The prison, which opened in February[5] originally covered about In Juneit was enlarged to There were two entrances on the west side of the stockade, known as "north entrance" and "south entrance".

Kellogg, sergeant major in the 16th Regiment Connecticut Volunteersdescribed his entry as a prisoner into the prison camp, May 2, As we entered the place, a spectacle met our eyes that almost froze our blood with horror, and made our hearts fail within us.

Before us were forms that had once been active and erect;—stalwart men, now nothing but mere walking skeletons, covered with filth and vermin.

Many of our men, in the heat and intensity of their feeling, exclaimed with earnestness. In the center of the whole was a swamp, occupying about three or four acres of the narrowed limits, and a part of this marshy place had been used by the prisoners as a sink, and excrement covered the ground, the scent arising from which was suffocating.

The ground allotted to our ninety was near the edge of this plague-spot, and how we were to live through the warm summer weather in the midst of such fearful surroundings, was more than we cared to think of just then.

Chadwick and his regimental mates were taken to the Andersonville Prison, arriving on April 30, Ransom of his time as a prisoner at Andersonville.

American Civil War prison camps - Wikipedia

The Dead Line[ edit ] At Andersonville, a light fence known as "the dead line" was erected approximately 19 feet 5. Health problems[ edit ] Andersonville prisoners and tents, southwest view showing the dead-line, August 17, At this stage of the war, Andersonville Prison was frequently undersupplied with food.

Bynot only civilians living within the Confederacy but also the soldiers of the Confederate Army itself were struggling to obtain sufficient quantities of food.

American andersonville civil essay ghost history in shadow social war

The shortage of fare was suffered by prisoners and Confederate personnel alike within the fort, but the prisoners received less than the guards, who unlike their captives did not become severely emaciated or suffer from scurvy a consequence of vitamin C deficiency due to a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Even when sufficient quantities of supplies were available, they were of poor quality and inadequately prepared.

American andersonville civil essay ghost history in shadow social war

There were no new outfits given to prisoners, whose own clothing was often falling to pieces. In some cases, garments were taken from the dead. John McElroy, a prisoner at Andersonville, recalled "Before one was fairly cold his clothes would be appropriated and divided, and I have seen many sharp fights between contesting claimants.

This, along with the lack of utensils, made it almost impossible for the prisoners to cook the meagre food rations they received, which consisted of poorly milled cornflour. During the summer ofUnion prisoners suffered greatly from hunger, exposure and disease. Within seven months, about a third had died from dysentery and scurvy; they were buried in mass graves, the standard practice for Confederate prison authorities at Andersonville.

Inthe Confederate Surgeon General asked Joseph Jones, an expert on infectious disease, to investigate the high mortality rate at the camp. He concluded that it was due to "scorbutic dysentery" bloody diarrhea caused by vitamin C deficiency.

Inthe historian Drisdelle said that hookworm disease, a condition not recognized or known during the Civil War, was the major cause of much of the fatalities amongst the prisoners.

Part of the creek was used as a sink, and the men were forced to wash themselves in the creek. Survival and social networks[ edit ] At the time of the Civil War, the concept of a prisoner of war camp was still new. It was as late as when President Lincoln demanded a code of conduct be instituted to guarantee prisoners of war the entitlement to food and medical treatment and to protect them from enslavement, torture, and murder.

Andersonville did not provide its occupants with these guarantees; therefore, the prisoners at Andersonville, without any sort of law enforcement or protections, functioned more closely to a primitive society than a civil one. A prisoner with friends inside Andersonville was more likely to survive than a lonesome prisoner.

Social networks provided prisoners with food, clothes, shelter, moral support, trading opportunities, and protection against other prisoners.

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One study found that a prisoner having a strong social network within Andersonville "had a statistically significant positive effect on survival probabilities, and that the closer the ties between friends as measured by such identifiers as ethnicity, kinship, and the same hometown, the bigger the effect.

A group of prisoners, calling themselves the Andersonville Raidersattacked their fellow inmates to steal food, jewelry, money and clothing.

They were armed mostly with clubs and killed to get what they wanted. Another group rose up, organized by Peter "Big Pete" Aubrey, to stop the larcenycalling themselves "Regulators".american andersonville civil essay ghost history in shadow social war.

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