Advantages and disadvantages of using expatriate managers

Cultural empathy and low ethnocentrism Interest in specific host-country culture Interpersonal skills Willingness to acquire new patterns of behavior and attitudes Source:

Advantages and disadvantages of using expatriate managers

Full Answer Many expatriates experience increased earning potential with their overseas positions. They can also be provided housing with luxurious amenities. Employers often provide housing and vehicle allowances as well as annual plane tickets home. While they may still be subject to income taxation in their home country, credits may be available to provide a financial incentive to these workers.

Expatriates experience new culture and are given the opportunity to see parts of the world to which they may not have otherwise been exposed. This is not just limited to the area where the work assignment is, but to other countries that are in close proximity that can be reached by cheaper means of transportation than from home.

Those with overseas experience oftentimes have a competitive advantage in the job market compared to those without similar backgrounds.

Expatriates participate in foreign business environments and gain access to expanded business networks. Potential employers participating in the global marketplace may consider those with international experience to be more valuable additions to their companies.

Moving out of the country can provide some expatriates with much-needed space for their emotional well-being. Some may be looking to get away following a traumatic experience at work, in a relationship or at home.Advantages/disadvantages.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using expatriate managers

Using PCN advantages. Cost of selecting, training and maintaining expatriate managers and their families abroad 3. Family adjustmand problems 4. The unemployed partners of managers. Using HCNs advantages. 1. Familiarity with the socioeconomic, political/legal environment and with HC business practices.

Advantages to using a host-country national (a resident of the country where the firm's subsidiary is located) include: they are familiar with the local environment, culture, language, and customs already. This paper has attempted to examine the advantages and disadvantages as to how the expenses associated with an expatriate manager as compared to a host country source manager should be viewed by a company in order to optimize performance of the foreign operation in the organization as a whole.

Advantages / Disadvantages • Advantages To Using Expatriates: – Frequently, locals are not ready to take the responsibility – Expatriates contribute essential knowledge and corporate history – Expatriates serve as a mechanism for performance control, and transmit corporate culture and goals • Disadvantages to using expatriates: – There is a disincentive to the local workforce whose.

Just as there are advantages to using expatriates, so are there disadvantages. First of these disadvantages is lack of familiarity with the culture and language of the target market.

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Expatriates sent abroad are often not ready for the experience. This is “Staffing Internationally”, section from the book Beginning Management of Human Resources Be able to explain the three staffing strategies for international businesses and the advantages and disadvantages for each.

Managers gain experience in local markets.

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